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The Association was founded in March of 1991 in Udine by a group of volunteers, family members of people suffering from psychological discomfort. At that time it was named with the acronym A.Fu.Ci.Sa.M.; Association of Family Members and Citizens for Mental Health. The group, with the active participation of 41 members takes an active part in the city between the Department of Mental Health and the region. The association’s main aim is to bring together family members and users, to create a self-help group and to stimulate institutions to act fully in the interests of users. In the same year the Association was legally constituted and its Statute was drafted. Meetings took place in public establishments due to the lack of headquarters at that time. The share quota was 30,000 lire and advertising was undertaken with the use of flyers. The Association subsequently found headquarters in Via Pozzuolo 330, Udine at the Department of Mental Health, in San Osvaldo Park, where it is still housed today.

Parco di Sant'Osvaldo

Parco di Sant’Osvaldo

In 1993 it started to collaborate with the Health Service No. 4 Medio Friuli, known as USL at the time, which provided, upon agreement, a contribution to the first self-help course among family members, which has been held continually over the years until today.
Still in 1993 the Association was enrolled on the Regional Register of Voluntary Associations: assigned number 141.
In 1994 the Association obtained an agreement with the City of Udine to implement ongoing activities.
Also in 1995-96, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region provided a contribution to provide a training course in the field of mental health, for family volunteers, organized by Dr. Beppe Dall’Acqua, manager of the Trieste Department of Mental Health, held in the parish of Viale Cadore in Udine, with great public participation from across the province.

In 1997, the Association’s President went to Rome for the international conference entitled Consortium for Social Enterprise and Social Cooperatives. In March of that year a representative travelled to Rome to attend the U.N.A.SA.M. Executive (National Union of Associations for Mental Health), to coordinate joint action with the Ministry of Health.
In the same year the project called ‘Come Out With Us’ was initiated, which consisted of outdoor activities for members and users to travel to scenic areas of the region to share moments of serenity and get to know the region: there were visits to Castelmonte, Lignano, Grado, Miramare. In 2001 until the middle of 2004 this social project was consolidated.
In 2004 the National Congress of U.N.A.SA.M. was held in Rome in which 2 delegates from the Association participated.
In October 2005, with a new president, the National Conference called ‘Viola d’Inverno’ (Winter Purple) was held in Udine, which addressed the topic of loss and mourning.

storiaidealmente_03In the same year a meeting on the new position of Support Officer took place in Udine, with the participation of Paolo Cendon, Professor of the Institutions of Private Law at the University of Trieste, presenter of the legislation, approved in 2004. At the 4th constituency of Udine a counselling service for people in need was activated.
In February 2006 a new president was elected and the Association’s activities continued with the establishment of a new mutual self-help group for families.

In the following year, 2007, a project for the prevention of eating disorders among adolescents, funded by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, entitled ‘A Body of Emotion’, was successfully developed and completed. Taking place in two high schools, the “C. Percoto” Istituto Magistrale of Udine and the “Paolo Diacono” Boarding School of Cividale del Friuli, both teachers and young students participated. A theatrical play on the theme brought the project to a close. A brochure was published including a DVD of the play entitled ‘Written on the Body’, a production by the Teatro della Sete, with sponsorship from the Regional Centre of Voluntary Services of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

In 2008 the Idealmente Onlus Association obtained funding for a project entitled ‘A Boat in the Forest’ from the FVG Region; this was aimed at teenage students and teachers of two secondary schools of Udine and Cividale, with the aim of preventing and combating the phenomena of violence among adolescents and improving communication skills. At the conclusion of the project the play entitled ‘Blog’, produced by the AIDA Foundation of Verona, was presented.

Parco di Sant'Osvaldo

Parco di Sant’Osvaldo

In 2008 funding from the Volunteer Service Centre of Friuli Venezia Giulia, was provided for the project for a course for Support Administrators, addressed to families of people with mental discomfort and people professionally trained in the fields of psychiatry, psychology and law. It was designed to train people to be able to assist family members and users in cases stipulated by legislation.
Again in 2008, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region funded a project entitled Sexual Health in the field of Mental Illness, addressed to families, sector workers and the local community, which was developed along with the “A.T.Sa.M” Associations; Di Tolmezzo and “La Pannocchia” of Codroipo. This project, certainly innovative for its subject, which had never been addressed in the region in the context of mental illness, offered greater knowledge of the size of the sexual health problem so as to be able to programme, in the future, more targeted interventions to bring help and relief to the people involved, thus improving the quality of life of each one of us.